Time Out DXB

Jun 28th 2022

Landing in the Middle East grants you soft sands, sunshine and seriously tasty local cuisine. From fresh tabbouleh (parsley salad) to creamy hummus laden with olive oil and soft, yet smoky shawarmas (grilled meat in a wrap). One thing is for sure, the cuisine is varied and vast. Naturally, so is the Arabic food offering at DXB, so if you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the best Middle Eastern bites to try.

Arabic breakfast
At Dubai International Airport in the morning? Make like a Bedouin and sit down to an Arabic breakfast at The Gallery or at Dubai International Hotel. Here you’ll be served two eggs cooked your way, along with spongy halloumi, buttery foul medames, creamy labneh, velvety hummus and pillowy Arabic bread to mop up the yolk with. Wash it down with freshly brewed coffee, hot tea and your choice of fresh fruit juice.
Terminal 3, Concourse B. 

Chicken moussakhan
Adorable Lebanese café, Comptoir Libanais has a number of brilliant Arabic dishes on the menu. But a stand-out is certainly their chicken moussakhan, which is just the right amount of filling ahead of a long flight. Marinated and roasted baby chicken is topped with pomegranate molasses, walnuts, sumac and slow-roasted onion confit. Served with fattoush salad and vermicelli rice, we suggest ordering a man’ousha cheese (Dhs29) for the table and finishing with a selection of sweet baklava.
Terminal 3, Concourse A.

Lamb köfte kebab
Those with time on their hands should head to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 for a hearty Arabic meal. The traditional lamb köfte kebab is a fail-safe option, with boneless meat slathered with creamy cheese, yoghurt and butter. Finished with onion, mint, coriander and sumac, the meat is full of flavour. If you’re so inclined, accompany your meal with a bowl of warming lentil soup. A perfectly satisfying pre-flight meal. Ther e are also hot, cold and alcoholic drinks on offer when you check-in to the lounge.
Terminal 3, Concourse A.

It doesn’t get more traditional than a fresh mezze platter, so if you’re staying at Dubai International Hotel, we suggest ordering one on room service. Light and flavoursome, the variety of flavours mean it’s a crowd-pleasing option. The perfect pre- or post-flight fuel, you’ll get a generous portion of hummus, fresh moutabal, a crispy fattoush salad, warm falafel, lamb kibbeh, gooey cheese fatayer and the perfect scoop for it all, three perfectly soft pita breads.
Dubai International Hotel.

If your go-to airport snack is an easy, handy-to-grab sandwich, head to the new casual Lebanese joint Sawa for your pick of seven different fillings. Of course, as part of the line-up you’ll find your classic chicken and beef shawarmas with the option to layer on the spice, if you dare. Plant-eaters can pick up a carb-on-carb potato sandwich or a falafel wrap. There’s also a chicken tawook, with meat and crispy fries, a lamb kofta wrap and a chicken Francisco.
Terminal 1, Concourse D.

Beef Shawarma-SAWA-Terminal 1 Departures Concourse D-TODXB;10-06-2022 DXB Airport-TODXB

Tuck into some tasty Arabic cuisine at S34, which serves up fresh salads. Choose from the fattoush salad that comes complete with crunchy red radish, vibrant capsicum, tomatoes, pomegranate, fragrant zaatar, mint and watercress leaves, and of course a topping of toasted bread doused in dressing. Or, opt for the tabbouleh salad with tri-colour quinoa, freekeh, burghul, parsley, onion and mint drizzled with lemon juice. A refreshing and healthy way to start your journey, there’s no holiday food guilt with these refreshing dishes.
Terminal 3, Concourse C.