Oliver Ephgrave

Aug 15th 2018

This Indian Independence Day, we’re uncovering the secrets to an utterly butterly curry that’s adored everywhere from Delhi to Dublin to Dubai. That’s right: butter chicken.

A great butter chicken is not a dish you can whip up in a matter of minutes; thankfully the version at Concourse D’s Masale is the real deal.

Head chef Shanti Prasad Khushi Ram takes around four hours to prepare the dish from scratch, and that’s not counting the overnight soaking of cashew nuts – an essential ingredient for a decadent gravy.

Chef Shanti explains: “The hero of the dish is the gravy. To make it exceptional you have to use fresh ingredients – fresh cream and fresh tomatoes. There’s no sugar, instead we use honey as a natural sweetener. We also use our own garam masala spice blend and freshly-made ginger and garlic paste.”

Of course, the ultimate butter chicken recipe demands some princely poultry. Chef Shanti combines the lovingly-prepared gravy with tender pieces of tandoori chicken, which have been marinated for two hours in spices and cooked in a clay pot.

The whole ensemble is then cooked for a further 20 minutes to let the flavours combine and reach unbelievable levels of deliciousness.

Our tip: mop up the divine gravy with some naan or roti – you won’t want to miss a single speck.

Masale – The Taste of India is located on the upper level of Concourse D, Terminal 1