Oliver Ephgrave

Jun 18th 2018

Today on International Sushi Day we’re rolled over by the California Maki at Cho Gao. Freshly prepared to order, this dish is a joyous combination of crab, cucumber and avocado.

Wilfredo Franco, demi chef at Cho Gao, reveals the secrets of maki making. “The key is using Japanese sushi rice and fresh ingredients. It’s also very important to balance sweetness and sourness and get the correct texture.”

Complexity of flavour and texture comes from the use of other authentic ingredients, including Japanese mayonnaise, nori (seaweed) and tobiko (flying fish roe).

The Japanese mayo adds an extra layer of acidity and creaminess while the bright orange tobiko gives a pleasing pop and crunch. Just slightly dip your maki in soy and add a smidgeon of wasabi if you want to turn up the heat.

For this and many other Asian-inspired delicacies, look out for the lantern-filled haven near Gate A10.