Staff Writer

Jun 7th 2017

Luciano Santiago, a barista at Costa’s DXB outlets, has a not-so-hidden talent: he’s amazing at coffee art.

In the past couple of years he’s created a lot of buzz at Costa events, impressing guests with his caffeinated creations of animals, portraits and caricatures.

To tie-in with the launch of Dubai International’s artDXB initiative, we challenged Luciano to draw perhaps the most famous painting of all time: Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

First of all, Luciano used cold milk under the foam to help the portrait last longer.

He then etched away, taking only three minutes to draw Leonardo’s enigmatic Lisa.

And voilà! Although it should be a crime to gulp down a masterpiece, Costa’s flat white goes extremely well with a fresh almond croissant.

You’ll find Luciano working his magic in the many Costa outlets in Dubai International, including Terminal 1 Arrivals. See the maestro in action in this short video!