Oliver Ephgrave

Oct 19th 2017

Plate #4: Green curry (Thailand)

Make your fellow travellers turn green with envy by picking up Thailand’s signature dish at Camden Food Co. Aromatic, spicy and delicious, Camden’s version stays true to tradition with chicken breast simmered in a sauce of coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, chili, galangal and fresh coriander, served with rice. Red, yellow and green peppers add texture and colour to the curry.

Camden Food Co., D-Gates, lower floor

Plate #5: Dim sum (China)

Keep those chopsticks ready in the Land of the Dragon. A trip to the Noodle House wouldn’t be complete without ordering a few boxes of steamed goodness. Try the Duck Pot Stickers, Chicken Suimai and Prawn Hacao – all perfect for sharing and dipping in soy sauce.

The Noodle House, D-Gates, upper floor

Plate #6: Sushi (Japan)

Touch down in the Land of the Rising Sun for a satisfying spread at YO! Sushi. Salmon lovers should order the Dragon Roll with shichimi powder and spring onion, while shrimp fans must sample the Ebi Roll filled with prawn katsu and avocado. Still hungry? Get some assorted sashimi with thick cut slices of salmon and tuna.

YO! Sushi, D-Gates, lower floor

To see the first three dishes on the tour, click here. Stay tuned for the next leg of the trip, where we touch down in the Americas!