Time Out DXB

Jun 3rd 2022

Named after England’s 4th Earl of Sandwich, the humble sandwich was invented in 1762 after the Earl requested something he could eat with his hands. His kitchen staff put some meat between two slices of bread, and created the concept as we know it today – genius.

Some 200 years later, the Earl’s favourite nosh is the favourite airport snack for many. Luckily DXB has a selection that would make the old Earl Sandwich proud. So make like a noble man and pick up one of these breaded bites.

Mature cheddar and Pret a Manger pickle
A classic for good reason, cheese and pickle are a match made for taste buds, especially when it’s put together by Pret. Sandwiched between (we had to) two slices of white bread, the slices of Croxton Manor Mature Cheddar perfectly balance out Pret’s own tangy pickle sauce. Savoury meets sweet in this handheld delight.
Terminal 1, Concourse D; Terminal 3, Concourse B

Hot chick ciabatta
A hearty mix of ingredients served in a warm ciabatta, this hearty ‘wich from Jones the Grocer is Asian in flavour. grilled chicken is layered with chilli jam, and topped with a zesty sesame lime mayonnaise. Garnished with fresh coriander and creamy slaw you’ll want to get your mouth around as much as possible to experience the flavour explosion in each bite.
Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, Concourse A and B

Meatless meatball baguette
Plant-based eaters needn’t miss out, not with the Camden Food Co.’s meatless meatball sandwich that hit shelves last month. If you’re not already tempted, picture juicy meat-free balls doused in fresh marinara sauce cushioned between a white baguette and served warm.
Terminal 1, Concourse D and Terminal 3, Concourse B

Moroccan lamb burger 
Ok, so it’s not technically a sandwich, but this Moroccan flavoured burger from Giraffe is so good it had to make the list. Succulent lamb slathered with harissa mayo and chimichurri sauce sandwiched between two soft buns. Served with lemon pepper skin on fries, this is pre-flight fuel so good you’ll want to book another flight to taste it again. You can upgrade your burger and fries to include a pint of hops for Dhs125, or spend a total of Dhs150 and get two pints with your meal.
Terminal 3, Concourse B

 Smoked salmon baguette
Opt for a healthy option at Treehouse Juicery where you can pick up a wholemeal baguette that’s been stuffed with fresh smoked salmon, wild rocket and cucumber. A thick cream cheese means each mouthful is soft, with the lemon zest giving it a fresh taste.
Terminal 3, Concourse B