Time Out DXB

Jun 11th 2019

Stop what you’re doing, this a public service announcement: you can be gluten-free in DXB. That’s right, all across the airport restaurants, cafés and retailers serve dishes and drinks suitable for a gluten free diet. They don’t scrimp on ingredients, they certainly don’t sacrifice taste and they’re available all day, every day, for everyone.

So, well done for packing your own lunch for the night, but there’s really no need. Toss those jam sarnies and head straight to one of these outlets quick step. As it turns out, there is actually such a thing as a (gluten) free lunch. And, it’s never been easier to find. *Please note: some items are made in kitchens that are not gluten-proof, for severe allergies you must inform your server.

Caffè Nero
Not only is the worldwide coffee chain home to fresh coffee, but you’ll also find a range of gluten-free sweet treats to enjoy alongside a hot brew. Muffin options include blueberry or lemon and pistachio. While other baked goods include a raspberry and almond Bakewell, chocolate brownie, oats and sultana biscuit or millionaire’s shortbread. Need something savoury? Sea-salted crisps should do the trick.
Prices vary. Various locations in DXB.

There are countless Costa outlets in DXB, so you’re never too far away from a nice cuppa and a bite to eat. Gluten-free products include avocado hummus and mixed bean salad, red pepper hummus and falafel pot, tuna niçoise salad, chicken biryani and a smoked turkey and cheddar cheese frittata. Just after a snack? Grab a packet of Tyrell crisps and wash them down with a smoothie or juice.
Prices vary. Various locations in DXB.

Flour + Stone
From the outside, a bakery that specialises in bread, bread and bread may appear to a gluten-free diner’s worst enemy. However, this exceptional outlet has plenty of alternatives to suit every diet – especially when arriving in the morning. Shake off the sleepiness of an early wake-up call with a range of overnight oats, including raspberry and cream or honey, nut butter and banana, yoghurt pots including açaí or mango and chia seed, bircher with pumpkin seeds and green apple or a range of fruit pots. Don’t miss the tahini power bowl for lunch – it’s nothing but delicious goodness.
Prices vary. Concourse A, Terminal 3.

Grab by name, grab by nature: this mini outlet is perfect for those looking to make a pit stop before rushing off. Grabbit has more than a dozen hot and cold options to choose from. Easy lunch options include a tuna niçoise salad or falafel bowl, while hot plates include a beef chilli with rice, coriander and tomato salsa, plus a chicken biryani.
Prices vary. Concourse B & C, Terminal 3.

Hard Rock Cafe
Don’t wave goodbye to air guitar solos and the chance to enjoy some Hall of Fame memorabilia by avoiding bread rolls. Head to Hard Rock Cafe and tuck into a range of gluten-free dishes instead. Try the nachos, made with corn tortilla chips, loaded with pico de gallo and jalapeños or the fajitas with special corn tortillas (by request). You can choose from chicken, beef or prawns. Other hits include ribeye or strip steaks with veg and mashed potato, grilled chicken wings, a choice of salads and loaded potato skins.
Prices vary. Concourse B, Terminal 3.

Le Clos
DXB’s luxury duty free retailer Le Clos stocks bottles of grape and shorts for all. And, expert staff are on hand to point out which are gluten-free. You can even toast your meat-free future with a vegan-friendly grape. All bottles come with a free, bespoke engraving service and you can buy online and have your order waiting for you in store.
Various Le Clos locations, leclos.net.

With a bit of careful ordering, most menu items can be made gluten-free. Just ditch the buns from burgers, the “crispy” chicken from salads, the Oreo, cookies or brownie pieces from McFlurry ice creams and so on. There’s a myth that the fries are cooked in the same fryers as items containing gluten, however they are cooked separately. If you have a particularly sensitive allergy to gluten, there’s no harm in double checking with your server.
Various locations in DXB.

Pret A Manger
The British high street staple has two outposts in DXB. Everything is made fresh on the day – from pastries to sandwiches, soups to wraps – making it a firm favourite for all. There’s an excellent range of salads, hummus and veg or edamame pots, breakfast bowls and fruit. The organic and freshly brewed coffee is a must.
Prices vary, Concourse A, Terminal 3, and Concourse D, Terminal 1.

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck
Gluten-free pizza. The Austrian-born chef Wolfgang Puck is famous across the States for his TV shows, but it’s his doughy delights in Terminal 1 that are the stars in our eyes. Spicy chicken, pepperoni, vegetarian or good ol’ margherita – they’re all made fresh to order. They’re crispy, they’re gooey and they’re everything a proper pizza should be. Not only that, there are plenty of other grown-up, gluten-free plates to enjoy over a leisurely glass of grape before moving on. These include New York striploin steak with potatoes and broccolini, brick chicken with vegetables and potatoes or grilled salmon and spinach.
Prices vary. Concourse D, Terminal 1.

Treehouse Juicery
This award-winning, health-conscious café has two outlets in DXB, with both serving dishes suitable for all dietary requirements. Expect plenty of vegan, vegetarian, low-fat, low-sugar and organic dishes as well as a range of freshly made juices and smoothies. Gluten-free highlights include chocolate and passionfruit overnight oats, poached chicken salad, roasted squash salad, split wheat and beetroot salad and a cauliflower booster – roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, pistachio, red onion, parsley, mint and lemon. There’s a grab-and-go counter, too.
Prices vary. Concourse A & B, Terminal 3.

YO! Sushi
Good old rice, it’s a dream for gluten-free diners on the hunt for carbs. And, the conveyor belt system of YO! Sushi is a hit as a result. The rotating menu is a mix of vegetarian, meat, fish and vegan items, too. They’re made fresh in front of your eyes, just inform your server or chef of your dietary requirements and you’re on, ahem, a roll.
Prices vary. Concourse D, Terminal 1.