Time Out DXB

May 12th 2019

Welcome to the greatest airport in the world in the greatest city (humble brag). This month, whether you’re leaving DXB or venturing out into Dubai itself, you’ll be joining us for Ramadan. It’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and sees Muslims all over the world observe a period of fasting from sunrise to sunset. This year, it’s expected to begin on Monday May 6 and finish on Tuesday June 4, where three days of Eid Al-Fitr will be celebrated. Here’s your essential quick guide of what to expect during Ramadan here in the airport including a world-famous bakery’s arrival, an expert’s top tips for how to travel and fast healthily and free iftar snacks being handed out across all terminals.

What to expect

Fasting, or sawm, is one of the five pillars of Islam and is practised by Muslims between sunrise and sunset. Drinking and eating in public is considered very offensive and can even attract a fine or a reprimand from the police. Be respectful and mindful to those who are fasting. Certain areas of the airport will require those who are not fasting to eat and drink in designated sections that are screened off in public places. The Maghrib call to prayer marks sunset and is the signal for Muslims to break their fast, listen out for it.

Iftar giveaways

Iftar is the meal eaten to “break fast” and is the first meal after sunset. It’s a huge event and is usually shared with loved ones. During the month, iftar boxes will be given to all passengers arriving in DXB and Dubai World Central for two hours every day at 6.30pm.

Together, Carrefour and Alokozay will provide more than 100,000 boxes including water, dates, tea bags, wafer bites and a tasbih. A misbahah, or tasbih, is a string of beads which is often used by Muslims to keep track of counting in tasbih. It’s estimated around 100kg of dates will be handed out in DXB.

Iftars and suhoors


The global coffee powerhouse is teaming up with a world-famous Dubai bakery SugarMoo for a delicious new partnership. Last year, the café’s Galaxy Milk Cake was crowned the best dish in the entire world by Deliveroo and as our cover shows, there are plenty of ginormous creations in its repertoire. This Ramadan, you can try some of the best creations at 16 of the Costa outlets dotted throughout the airport. Highlights including the strawberry shortbread and brownie mess in a jar, kunafeh cheesecake, maamoul pudding cake, umm ali cheesecake, chocolate halawa cake and, wait for it, a Vimto cheesecake. Brits will be well accustomed to the Manchester-hailing cordial juice, but it’s a huge regional favourite right here in the Middle East, too.

Prices vary. From May 5. Various Costa locations throughout DXB.

Dubai International Hotel

Guests staying in the five-star airside hotel can order a set suhoor menu from the 24- hour room service kitchen. It is available throughout the month and is priced at Dhs89. It’s perfect for those who’ve checked into the Dubai International Hotel ahead of the onward journey. Turn to page 17 to find out more about a special offer available this month.
Dhs89. Valid throughout Ramadan. Terminal 3.

The Gallery

The Gallery restaurant is home to international cuisine such as Indian, Asian, Arabic plus a rotating mix of continental favourites. This month, you’ll also find an iftar buffet (Dhs103) and suhoor set menu (Dhs89) on offer throughout the month until Tuesday June 4. You’ll also be able to enjoy the day-to-day menu of breakfast favourites, soups and salads, curries, stir-fries, fish and chips, burgers, pizzas and more.

Dhs103 (iftar), Dhs89 (suhoor). Valid throughout Ramadan. Concourse B, Terminal 3.

Wok the Wok

You’ll find a special Ramadan set menu at this street food stall in The Daily DXB. For Dhs37, you’ll get a lentil soup, choice of chicken biryani, butter chicken, mie goreng or kimchi bokkeumbap for mains and a desserts of a fruit pot or chocolate. Plus, water and dates.

It is served alongside the Asian street food menu usually found at Wok the Wok.

Dhs37. Valid throughout Ramadan. Concourse B, Terminal 3.

Ramadan boxes

Popular eateries S34, Grabbit, Treehouse Juicery, Flour+Stone and Tranzeet are selling special Ramadan boxes throughout the month. They’re perfect to grab on-the-go and are packed with a mix of food and drinks.

Dhs59. Various locations throughout DXB.

Prayer rooms

There are Muslim prayer rooms and ablution rooms throughout DXB, and in the car park areas. To find them, just follow the signs.


Ahlan Meet & Greet

Ahlan’s professional staff are always on hand to help make your journey through the airport even easier. And, this month, you can save 25 percent on both Arrival and Departure Meet & Greet packages while you’ll also save 25 percent off the Transit To-and-Fro package.

Friendly staff will meet you when you arrive at the airport, boarding gate or hotel and guide you through the formalities of the airport and onto the next leg of journey, hassle free.

Prices vary. Valid until Jun 3