Time Out DXB

Sep 5th 2018

Who doesn’t love the flavours of South East Asia? It’s one of the main reasons tens of millions of wide-eyed and hungry travellers head to that part of the world every year.

However, you don’t need to jump on a plane to enjoy some of the best cuisine on the planet. Instead, just make your way to The Noodle House in Concourse D, Terminal 1, and enjoy.

This month, there are two new dishes on the menu, too. The misu tsukemene is a punchy miso broth with prawns, egg noodles, enoki, shiitake mushrooms and a soft boiled egg.

The worldwide favourite pad Thai needs no introduction.

The Noodle House is located on the upper level of Concourse D, Terminal 1.

Editorial and images courtesy of Time Out DXB.