Staff Writer

Nov 25th 2018

At an airport everyone is travelling somewhere, but it isn’t often taste buds are taken on an international journey too. The Daily DXB, the newly opened food stall style restaurant at Dubai International, has made this possible.

Choose from a bowl of fresh Hawaiian goodness at Wanna Poke, a simple and delicious stir fry like you’d grab on the streets of Hong Kong at The Wok, pizza as good as any found in Naples at St Mia, fried chicken that will whisk you straight to the deep south at The Roost or pop over to The Market for an eclectic mix of everything.

The best bit, there is no need to wander around DXB searching for each of these options as they are all in one place.

This exciting addition to the DXB menu can be found in Concourse B, close to Gate B8 and each of the five dining options are open 24/7 with a fun central seating area so everyone can sit together, no matter what they choose to eat.