Time Out DXB

Jan 24th 2022

Tabbouleh salad at S34

Giving veganism a go for health reasons? Then you should definitely be ordering the tabbouleh salad at S34, which has tri-colour quinoa, freekeh, bulgur, sweet pepper and pomegranate seeds. Talk about a health kick.
Terminal 3, Concourse C.

Beyond burger at The Hangar

Vegan alternatives have long evolved beyond (all puns intended) sad-looking mixed vegetable burgers in favour of realistic, you won’t- believe-it’s-not-real cuts of animal-free meat. The OG, and still one of our favourites, has to be the Beyond burger – and you can get just that at The Hangar. It’s served with tomato, (vegan) cheese, lettuce, (vegan) mayonnaise and fries.
Terminal 3, Concourse B. 

Eggplant tofu at Panda Express

Chinese cuisine has a long history of vegetarian alternatives to meat dishes, and if you head to Panda Express, you can try some of them. Our pick would be the eggplant tofu, which comes with red bell peppers tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Grab some chow mein noodles with it, and you’re in for a cracking meal.
Terminal 3, Concourse C.

Vegan burrito at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has lots of milk alternatives like soya, coconut or almond for those in need of a brew, but if you’re peckish, you can also head here for food. The vegan burrito comes with red kidney beans, roasted pumpkin, quinoa, bell peppers and avocado, with a cashew cream and protein bread wrap. Yum.
All terminals.


Gobi 65 at Desi Lunchbox

Another cuisine known for its vegetarian options, Indian food is perfect for those looking to get their five-a-day. Order the Gobi 65 and you’ll get to bite into fried cauliflower coated in spices including ginger, garlic, curry and chili pepper. It’s big on flavour, but completely free of animal products.
Terminal 3, Departures.

Vegetable futo maki at Cho Gao

Japanese food might be all about the seafood, but you can still pick up some rolls at Cho Gao without compromising on your values. The vegetable futo maki comes with cucumber, pickled radish, tomato, avocado and carrots.
Terminal 3, Concourse A.

Vegetables ragout at Paul

There are Paul bakeries all over the city, and we love being able to choose from the dedicated vegan menu without having to worry about substitutions and double checking that yes, it really is vegan. Our pick would be the vegetables ragout, which comes with sautéed vegetables and rice. It’s filling, but healthy.
Terminal 3, Concourse C.