Time Out DXB

Sep 9th 2019

Back in February 2019, Dubai International Airport unveiled its new DXB brand, featuring a vibrant logo to match the dynamic face of the transport hub itself. Now, in Terminal 1 Arrivals, there’s a whole exhibition dedicated to the airport’s modernised identity, and the artists and works that helped bring it to life.

Here are just a few bits worth checking out at the showcase.

The artDXB gallery

DXB has proven time and again its passion for celebrating local artists from a wide range of backgrounds, and this new space will host an ever-changing roster of exhibitions. Currently on display until the end of September, is Frida Fiesta by Mawaheb and HSBC, with artworks available for purchase via Mawaheb, the Dubai art studio for adults with special needs, now recognised as ‘people of determination’ in the UAE.

The selfie wall

One of several you’ll find dotted throughout the airport, this features the ‘henna hands’ design. Passengers who tag their pictures with #destinationDXB on Instagram stand the chance to end up on DXB’s Instagram feed. 

The merch

Feast your eyes on two glass cabinets filled with DXB and Mawaheb merchandise, including DXB-branded candy that’s available to purchase at the Candylicious store.

The launch showpieces

Marvel at two sculptural artworks of the brand DXB logo, one of which is called ‘Anamorphic’ and depicts an alternative interpretation of the logo’s X. They’re joined by a DXB-branded parachute, which was used at the launch party, when a skydiver parachuted in.

Arrivals, Terminal 1.