Time Out DXB

Jan 3rd 2019

1. BOUNCE trampoline park

You’ve probably realised by now this is no ordinary airport. If not, just have a look at all the heads bobbing up down near the B Gates in Terminal 3. So, if you find yourself with time on your hands before your next flight there are dozens of thrilling games and activities to play throughout the airport. Why not warm up with a session at BOUNCE’s indoor trampoline park, complete with a trampoline basketball court.
From Dhs50 (30 minutes). Concourse B, Terminal 3. 

2. FIFA 19 & Mario Kart

Another season, another FIFA video game from EA Sports and another reason you won’t want to catch your next flight. Head to Emirates’ business lounge in Terminal 3 and you’ll find an arcade centre. It may be painted in bright colours and have a squishy mat floor for kids, but big kids can give the footie favourite their best shot. Or, get your pulse racing with Mario Kart complete with racing simulator. Super, right?
Free (Emirates business/first class passengers), Dhs360 (lounge access). Terminal 3.

3. Vintage photobooth

Before carrying on with more podium finishes, head to the ever-popular Tranzeet restaurant and capture your victorious mood in all its gloating glory in the vintage photobooth. Ask staff for a token, enter through the velvet red curtains and give it your biggest grin. Just try not to be too boastful. No one likes a bad winner, especially a bad loser.
Concourse B, Terminal 3.

4. Fairground fun

Transporting you back to memories of a childhood visit to the fairground is The Daily DXB, the street food hub where you can swing for your supper. Literally. Just prove your might by picking up the hammer, thumping down on the target and seeing how strong you really are. It’s totally free to play and, even better, if the meter reaches over a certain level you’ll win prizes. They include meal discounts or 100 percent free dishes.
The Daily DXB, Concourse B, Terminal 3.

5. Free movies

Welcome to the future of airport layovers: free, and we mean free, movies and TV shows. Just log onto DXB’s complimentary, super-fast wi-fi and you’ll have access to ICFLIX, akin to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Little one can enjoy flicks such Igor or the Oscar-winning Hugo, while Hollywood blockbusters include Gangs of New York or The Wolf of Wall Street.
Free. Stream via DXB’s wi-fi.