Time Out DXB

Jun 16th 2019

The UAE is one of the planet’s cultural capitals. With an abundance of marvellous museums, eye-popping exhibitions and world-famous works dotting the nation, the art scene here is flourishing.

However, if you’re not leaving the airport fret not, there’s more than enough fantastic art to enjoy without even stepping outside. Thanks to the artDXB programme, the airport hosts a regular rotation of galleries, sculptures, musicians, photography displays and more.

This month, there is a special two-week temporary gallery coming to Terminal 3. Mawaheb from Beautiful People, an art studio for people of determination aged 16 and above, has joined hands with Calgary, Canada’s Indefinite Arts Centre for a unique art showcase that highlights the joint works by UAE-based and Canadian artists.

Head to the family zone in Concourse B (near the McDonald’s, Candylicious and Hard Rock Cafe) and see Connection, which aims to underline the power of creativity and connecting people as a force for good.

The art pieces, on show between Sunday June 9 and Sunday June 23, are created through collaboration and by sharing ideas and influences empowering artists to broaden their journey and serves as an inspiration for the wider community in the UAE and Canada.

Every artwork represents not only the personal vision of the artist but also serves as a mouthpiece for their community and others like them across the world.

Wemmy De Maaker, founder and managing director at Mawaheb, said: “With Connection we are highlighting the power of art in breaking down all boundaries and celebrating the talents of the determined ones.

“Through the power of collaboration, we are highlighting that artistic language has no barriers – it highlights the similarities of people and helps them connect with the community and inspire them. Connection is an ideal fit to the Year of Tolerance celebrated by the UAE this year, reiterating the message that art is for all.”

Around a dozen students of Mawaheb are showcasing their works. Among the participants is Pierre de Lisle, who will present the work 3 Rue D ’Anjou: Home is Where the Heart is. Another student, Sakshi Bankim Sanghri is presenting the work Family Circles. This is a Connection you don’t want to miss.

Free. Jun 9-23. Concourse B, Terminal 3.

Editorial: Time Out DXB

Images: Dubai Airports