Time Out DXB

Apr 17th 2018

Brilliance is the name of the artwork pictured here, which currently hangs on the walls of DXB’s Al Majlis VIP facility. It was created by Mattar Bin Lahej – the noted Emirati artist and photographer, and CEO of the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children – and it addresses clarity in colour and light mass. Plus a “hidden brilliance of glory”, as its description states.

Alongside this piece, scattered across the walls of Terminal 3’s nearly 3,400-square-metre VIP facility, you’ll find a number of other artworks. It’s all part of a year-long group exhibition that falls under the artDXB initiative, which aims to make passengers happy and brighten up the hallways, but also to promote local culture and talent, in association with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Paintings, photography and Arabic calligraphy can be seen by 11 Emirati artists, including Ali Bin Thalith, Fatma Lootah, Abdulqader Al Rais, Faisal Al Bastaki, Khalid Al Jallaf, Fatma Baqali and Dia Allam.

Besides Brilliance, another work by Bin Lahej, called Radiance (2), is part of the exhibition. It is the second painting in a series by the self-taught craftsman that has developed in form and movement to appear more clearly in its lines. Ultimately, it represents the graceful motion of horses, and is visually bright and stunning thanks to the prevalence of red and orange.

To witness the depth of talent found here in the UAE, as well as experience the country’s rich culture and heritage through the joys of art, then you’ll have to pass by Al Majlis. But if you can’t do that, then you can also pass by Dubai’s Marsam Mattar, which Bin Lahej founded in 1992 to contribute to the enriching art movement in the UAE, and promote local artists himself. Now you’ve no excuse. Al Majlis VIP facility, Terminal 3 (04 216 5287).

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