Time Out DXB

Oct 6th 2019

Dubai International isn’t just a haven of great restaurants and relaxation spots – it’s also a place to interact with inspiring local art.

Currently running at the DXB brand showcase area, in Terminal 1 Arrivals on the upper level, is the Frida Fiesta exhibition, by Mawaheb and HSBC.

Until the end of October, works by Mawaheb students inspired by the renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo will not only be on display, but also available to purchase.

A Dubai art studio for adults of determination, Mawaheb students frequently collaborate with DXB for exhibitions, including the launch of artDXB, which aims to engage and entertaining travellers with ever-changing showcases of local and international art.

Here are some of the pieces to discover before the end of October, and a few words from their creators…

In the Flow by Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi.
Acrylic on canvas 180cm x 120cm.
“I joined Mawaheb with I was 18 and I have always drawn but it wasn’t until I started at the studios that I began to train really hard and to create my art to share with the world. I love being an artist. I love detail and working in black and white. I am so happy to have exhibited across Dubai both as an independent artist and with The Mawaheb collective.”

Frida by Vinayak Commar from Mumbai.
Plaster of Paris, ceramic handmade flowers ad clear lacquer. 18in x 15in x 8in. 11kg.
“My favourite art activity is sculptures. I plan my work carefully: I research an artist for inspiration, I draw my idea on paper then I start my sculptures. I make a wire frame of the sculpture, and I wrap it tight in plastic. I mix Plaster of Paris and pour it into shape. When it sets, I carve it and sand it.”

Creation by Nazeer Ali from Canada.
Acrylic on canvas. 120cm x 90cm.
“Even though I have autism it does not stop me from being independent and a responsible adult. Mawaheb has given me lots of encouragement and confidence not only for my art but also for my academic studies. If you believe in yourself, the whole work opens up to you. Anything is possible. There is no looking back for me. My future is looking bright.”

Within the Flower of Light & Dark by Mariam Ismail.
Marker on canvas. 120cm x 100cm.
“I’m from Egypt and the Philippines but I was born in the USA and grew up in Dubai. I would describe myself as a ‘nerdy’ artist. That’s because I love everything about gaming, pop culture and anime. Love drawing and sketching. I put a lot of details in my art and you see a clear anime style in most of my work.”