Time Out DXB

Feb 11th 2020

When it comes to amazing art you can never get enough of a good thing, we say. And so it’s great news that Common Threads, from Dubai Airports in partnership with the Ministry of Tolerance, has been given an extended run until the end of February.

This stunning photography exhibition has proved a big hit with passengers, keen to learn a little more about the nation they call home – or that they are just using a stop-off before heading on to different climes.

Common Threads is a visual narrative rejoicing in the fact the UAE is such a diverse and multicultural country, with people from more than 200 nations adopting it as their motherland.

This collection of photographic portraits profiles individuals that represent various backgrounds, nationalities and professions, and provides visitors and the international community a glimpse of the personal experiences and stories that personify the rich culture of respect, coexistence and tolerance in the UAE.

Úrsula Rénique, the subject of one of the works on show here, epitomises the all-inclusive nature of the UAE.

She says: “I’m Spanish and Peruvian, my husband is French, and our two children are growing up and learning to be fluent in three languages. In the UAE, this kind of identity is more the norm than the exception.

“We’ve found it to be extremely welcoming, culturally diverse, enriching – and freeing.”

It’s thanks to the freedom Úrsula and her family have discovered that she has been able to pursue her passion for photography. But it’s the artistry of the group of renowned UAE-based snappers that has truly brought this DXB exhibition to life, with Mohamed Somji, Augustine Paredes, Aqib Anwar, Mahra Almehairi, Ola Allouz, Darah Ghanem and Sarfaraz Ali all contributing to what is a must-see.

If you’re arriving into Terminal 3, we implore you to have a gander at this superb exhibition.

Now running until February 29. Concourse A Arrivals, Terminal 3.