Staff Writer

Jan 20th 2017

Passengers can now enjoy unlimited free high-speed Wi-Fi at both Dubai International and Dubai World Central after Dubai Airports rolled out a major upgrade in December 2016.

The unlimited Wi-Fi only takes one click to connect thanks to a simplified landing page and offers speeds that set a benchmark in airports worldwide.

Dubai Airports has invested in more than 6,000 new Wi-Fi access points as part of the upgrade and enhanced the internet links to over 5Gbps for the best bandwidth capacity – enough to power a small city.

“As the world’s largest international hub we are the heart of many journeys across the world today. When our passengers arrive in Dubai after a long journey they now expect to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world,” said Michael Ibbitson, Dubai Airports Executive Vice President of Business Technology.

The upgrade follows extensive research in passenger expectations, capped off by the successful completion of a four-month pilot project launched at Concourse D in July 2016.