Oliver Ephgrave

Jan 8th 2018

How long have you been a masseuse?
Eight years in total. I’ve been in Dubai for the last three years.

How much training did you do?
I studied in the Philippines, my home country, for 520 hours then in Dubai for three months.  Therapists need lots of training because giving massages is not easy. You need to know how to handle the customer safely and make sure the customer gets a great experience.

Which techniques do you use when giving treatments?
There are a lot of massage types like shiatsu, Swedish and Thai, so there are many different techniques to learn. You must know all these before you can become a good massage therapist.

At XpresSpa, we offer different types of massages. When we offer a full body massage, the customer can tell us what kind of massage they want: strong, soft, Swedish and so on. So, the massage therapist should know all the different styles and techniques.

Does it require a lot of strength?
It depends on the customer. If the customer has muscle pain and wants a deep tissue massage, then yes. If the customer wants a relaxing massage, it’s lighter. XpresSpa offers whatever kind of massage the customer likes.

How often should someone go for a massage?
I would recommend twice a month to increase blood circulation, relax the body and relieve stress and pain. However, this could be different with people that have certain illnesses.

Which massage would you recommend for someone that’s in the airport and looking for total relaxation?
I would recommend a Swedish ‘XpresSpa Stress & Tension’ massage – it’s very relaxing. If you have back pain, I’d suggest a Thai massage. If you are short on time, you can go for a 15-minute foot massage. With this we touch pressure points on the feet and apply reflexology.

What do you like most about working at the airport?
We have so many international customers. When they leave XpresSpa they’re happy, relaxed, and looking forward to their holiday or onwards journey.

XpresSpa now operates in two locations in DXB Terminal 3. The main spa is close to Gate B21 and a brand new spa has opened near Gate B17.

email: dxb@xpresspa.com
phone: +971(0)43433011