Time Out DXB

Nov 12th 2019

We all know that when it comes to spa treatments, the French do it best. That’s why Be Relax has just introduced a new smart infratherapy lounger from Parisian experts Vital Tech.

Called The Nuage (meaning ‘the cloud’) in French, the futuristic lounger indeed makes you feel as though you could float, with its ‘zero-gravity’ ergonomic design which evenly distributes your weight within the 360 cloud shaped lounger.

Combating both physical and mental ailments (covering everything from jet lag and back pain to leg fatigue and tiredness) treatment sessions start from as little as 15 minutes –perfect for a quick refresh before boarding.

The luxury design was created and manufactured in Eastern France from poplar trees and includes a foam mattress (and in a nod to environmental impact, also includes carbon emission absorbing panels).

Of course, it would not be Dubai without an extensive (and elaborate) wider spa menu. The spa in Terminal 1 is actually the biggest Be Relax spa in the world, and as such includes a number of excellent relaxation treatments.

Some popular treatments to pair with a session on The Nuage include the oxygen aromatherapy, (which according to the experts at Be Relax provides 50 percent more oxygen than normal breathing, leaving guests feeling energised) and their Swedish relaxation massage, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Even better, your spa experience doesn’t have to end when you leave the airport. Be Relax has a full range of memory foam pillows, sleep kits and portable massage products, perfect for aiding a restful journey. Time to fly better…

Near Gate 9, Concourse D, Terminal 1, www.berelax.com