Time Out DXB

Apr 8th 2022

Travelling is exciting, exhilarating and fun. It can also be tiring and stressful, but with the right planning and some focus on putting your health and wellbeing at the forefront of your travel experience, it can be a lot easier and more enjoyable. Take a few minutes to read these top tips from the spa managers in the know. And next time, book in a quick spa fix when you travel through DXB!

Stay hydrated

Marife Siriban, spa manager, Timeless Spa

“While travelling one should be mindful about their skin. It is easy to get dehydrated when you are on the go. Consume plenty of fluids to stay hydrated for your overall well-being as well as for your skin. With humidity levels being extremely low in aircrafts, I would recommend you carry travel size products to replenish your skin regularly. Be sure to keep moisturising your skin and lips every few hours. My personal favourite is to carry and use a face mist; it gives your face an instant boost of freshness whilst you travel.

“Also, get up from your seat every few hours and take a mini walk to ensure your body gets some movement. I would highly recommend eating healthily and even carrying some nutritious snacks with you on your journey.”

Dubai International Hotel, Terminal 3, timelessspa.co
(04 505 9555).

Don’t forget your headphones

Julie Donkerque, regional operations manager, Be Relax

“I never travel without my eye mask and noise cancelling headphones. They are essential for me. Both improve sleep quality, helping regulate your circadian rhythm by limiting light and noise. And if there is anything that can truly relax my neck and body, it would be a real massage before or after a flight. Luckily, we have a team of passionate therapists right inside DXB at Be Relax!”

Terminal 3, Concourse A and B and Terminal 1, Concourse D. berelax.com

Look after your legs

Lorene Pidoux, marketing manager, Be Relax 

“My feet and legs are always swollen during a long flight. I have several tips to avoid this; try to stand up and walk around the plane several times, wear compression socks and drink a lot of water. But my new favourite device that I bring on board is the Be Relax Foot Therapy Cordless Massager. It lifts up your feet and legs, gives you a gentle warm foot massage, thus easing feet fatigue and relieving leg tension. The icing on the cake: take off the removable foot cover and place it on your back for a warm massage during your flight!”

Terminal 3, Concourse A and B and Terminal 1, Concourse D. berelax.com