Time Out DXB

Feb 19th 2020

Whenever you go away, you invariably forget to pack something (sunnies, swimwear, passport). But most of us don’t even think to take any supplements, let alone know which ones we’d need. So here are five healthy add-ons you can buy from Boots in DXB.

Healthy bones
Caltrate 600+D

We all love to chill on holiday but that doesn’t mean our lazy bones need to become weak ones, too. This little pill also helps nourish your nerves, hormones, muscles and teeth.

Energy lift
Berocca Calcium & Magnesium

No one likes to feel drained on holiday so try these effervescent tablets packed with energy releasing vitamins and minerals that work with your body to convert food to fuel, helping you to keep going.

Be immune
Sambucol Immuno Forte

A strong immune system helps to fight infections and Sambucol has unleashed the power of the black elderberries, a traditional remedy with flavonoids, vitamin C and zinc.

Feed your mind
Neurozan by Vitabiotics

Yes, it’s great to switch off while away from the daily grind but help keep your brain active with Neurozan, which contributes to mental performance, cognitive function and memory maintenance. Clever.

Sleep tight
Sédatif PC

Of the many pitfalls of jet lag, insomnia is arguably the worst. Drift off into a gentle sleep (even in that unfamiliar bed) with the aid of Sédatif PC, a homeopathic solution that also assists in relieving stress and anxiety.

The perfect place to pick up those bits and bobs you left at home, Boots has opened another branch this month at B-Gates in Terminal 3 to join those in Terminal 1, Arrivals and D-Gates.